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Kemeri 2017 Photo Contest Results

We have summed up the results of the photo contest on Facebook and Instagram (#Kemeri2017).


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What's New On the Construction Site? January, 2017

We are on with overall room finishing in January, 2017.


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Kemeri 2017

Dear Friends! Park Hotel Kemeri invites you to take part in a drawing of wonderful New Year prizes!


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What's New On the Construction Site? December, 2016

Due to the pre-holiday mood, the builders doing finishing in Park Hotel Kemeri work with a vengeance!


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What's New On the Construction Site? November, 2016

The Park Hotel Kemeri reconstruction works are now in full swing.


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What's New On the Construction Site?

Installation of a perimeter construction fence was completed in mid-October.

Now, restoration of metal panoramic windows in the end of the building is nearing its completion. Restoration of wooden window frames in pilot rooms and replacement of glass units are completed; restoration of wooden window frames in other rooms started.


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Kemeri through the eyes of the artists

The unique and historic setting of Kemeri National Park is the source of inspiration for an upcoming open air exhibition by Latvian artists.


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Renaissance of Kemeri, a Historic Health Resort

A trailblazing conception "Wellness Community: Kemeri Tomorrow" was presented on August 11, 2016. The Working Group (Martins Hermansons, Chief Architect of Park Hotel Ķemeri, Edgars Stobovs, Head of the Development Administration of Jurmala City Council, and Alla Sokolova, Park Hotel Ķemeri's Wellness Expert and Head of Inbalans Group) told about what has been done and what has to be done for the Kemeri resort development.

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