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Park Hotel Kemeri traditionally announces the New Year's competition


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Charity event "Kemeri – Hidden Treasure"

"Kemeri: a Hidden Treasure” charity auction took place at the Pullman Riga Old Town hotel. All auction proceeds in the amount of 1800 EUR will be spent on the rehabilitation of the completely paralysed young Latvian painter, Mareks Odumiņš.


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The results of the charity auction in support of Mareks Odumiņš

"Kemeri: a Hidden Treasure” is the charity auction of “En Plein Air” Paintings presented by Latvian artists. It took place at the Pullman Riga Old Town hotel last Saturday, September 16. All auction proceeds in the amount of 1800 EUR will be spent on the rehabilitation of the completely paralysed young Latvian painter, Mareks Odumiņš. Mareks creates his pieces of art holding a brush in his mouth, since after a serious injury his arms and legs are motionless.


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Riga Successfully Hosted Riga Ball 2017

Last Saturday, September 9, the House of the Blackheads in Riga saw the second Riga Ball, one of the brightest and the most significant events in the cultural life of Latvia. This annual international event is aimed at the revival of both classical European and traditional Latvian culture values, as well as at the popularization of Riga and Latvia in the world.


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Charitcy cocktail

We invite you to a charity cocktail, which will be held at the Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel on September 16 at 19:00.


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Art Exhibition ‘Kemeri – Hidden Treasure’

On 2-31 July the art exhibition ‘Kemeri – Hidden Treasure’ travelled to the Liepaja Latvian Society House. The exhibition was aimed at reminding inhabitants and guests of the Latvian town that Kemeri is not only a treasure of Jurmala but of the entire Latvia.  


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Last Saturday on June 10, Latvia celebrated the International Wellness Day together with more than 100 countries. The weather, good mood, friendly and open people, the magnificence of nature - everything on this day inspired festive mood, wellness and corresponded to the main mission of the International Wellness Day - to lead a healthy lifestyle, do good deeds, appreciate and enjoy every day and share everything great with others.


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The Riga Ball will be again held in the capital of Latvia

The Riga Ball 2017 will take place at the famous House of the Blackheads in Riga on September 9, 2017. This grandiose ceremony will become a bright and significant event in the cultural life of Riga and the whole Latvia for the second year in a row. It will remind everybody about the era of great composers, ladies in luxurious outfits accompanied by gallant gentlemen and, of course, ballroom dances lasting all night.


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The exhibition „Kemeri – the Hidden Treasure” in the Lithuanina resort of Birston

From the 2nd - 30th of June, the art exhibition “Kemeri – the Hidden Treasure” will visit Lithuania. From the 2nd - 14th of June, it will be viewed in the Birston Museum of Sacred Art and from the 15th-30th of June in the Birston Museum.  


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On Wednesday, May 31, at 2 pm, Berga Bazars will host a press conference at Inbalans Wellness Studio on the eve of the Global Wellness Day, which will be celebrated on June 10 in more than 100 countries, including Latvia. The purpose of the event is to convey to everyone how important and necessary maintaining their health is and how to lead a healthy lifestyle every day.

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