History of “Kemeri”

History of “Kemeri” seaside resort


First information about curative properties of Kemeri springs appeared by the close of the eighteenth century. However, the official date of formation of health improvement resort is 1838, when Emperor Nikolas I signed order on creation of national health facility in Kemeri.

Unique combination of natural factors, first of all, healing muds, ensured the unique popularity of this resort. If in seventies of the XIX century number of visitors of the resort reached 700 per season, after a railroad station Kemeri was opened in 1913, there were as many as 8300 visitors per season.

A substantial contribution to the development of this resort was made by a doctor, one of the originators of Russian and Latvian balneology, Professor Alexander Lozinsky, who was the director of Kemeri resort in the early 20th century.

During the Second World War Kemeri region was in the thick of combat activities and was severely damaged. After restoration of Latvian state, the resort was built actually from scratch, and, thanks to the application of the most modern technologies of the time, it became one of the most advanced in Europe.

In 1920-1930 Kemeri continued its development as a national resort, popularity of which particularly grew after new luxury hotel was opened in 1936.

History of hotel

Hotel Kemeri was built in 1936 upon the project of famous architect E.Laube (1880 -1967), and was one of the biggest buildings in Latvia of the time. There were 107 single rooms and 7 luxurious double rooms, fitted with telephone connection and radio broadcasting network.


The Hotel was built with the purpose of improvement of resort and attraction of visitors. After the Hotel was built, “Kemeri” resort was able to provide health care services not only during the season, but all year round. So, Kemeri became an important balneology treatment centre of Europe, where natural factor – healing mineral waters (balneotherapy), healing muds and climatotherapy – combination of clean sea air and aroma of pine forest was widely used together with modern diagnostic therapeutic methods.


In 1937 and 1939 chess competitions were held in Kemeri, which later became major events of life of Latvia and attracted public attention at European level.

After the World War I “Kemeri” health resort, which included both hotel and infirmary, became a main therapeutic facility of balneotherapic health resort. Musculoskeletal and excitatory system disorders, gynaecological disorders were treated here using the most advanced methods and medical apparatus of the time.


National park

“Kemeri” resort everyday life is inconceivable without a walk in Kemeri Park, which was found and developed together with the resort. Alley system, pavilions, artificially created channels with tracery bridges – all this created a unique image of the park.



At the end of XX century the hotel was closed for renovation, but construction works were not started for years and years for different reasons. Active construction works on renovation of hotel, traditions, connected therewith and restoration of “Kemeri” resort status of universal importance started just now in 2016. Moreover, within the frames of renovation of resort, construction of modern balneary, reconstruction of Kemeri national park, restoration of annual events, including chess competitions, holding plein-airs for artists, thematic festivals and different educational programs – ambitious complex work on the creation of wellness-community is being planned.

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